Female Runners Needed for Nutrition and Dietetics Study

Female runners are needed to take part in a research study conducted by the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Volunteers should be women between the ages of 18 and 50 who participate in regular exercise at least three times a week in 30-60 minutes periods, are able to complete a five-kilometer running time trial on an outdoor track and are able to fast from food at least four hours and caffeine at least eight hours prior to two five-kilometer running time trials.

Throughout research, caffeine and carbohydrate alone have been found to enhance exercise performance when consumed prior to exercise. Little research has evaluated the combined effect of caffeine and carbohydrate when consumed prior to exercise in physically active females. The proposed research study will determine if carbohydrate augments the beneficial effects of caffeine on running compared to caffeine alone in female runners.

This research study requires the completion of two five-kilometer time trials, one with the ingestion of caffeine and carbohydrate, and the other with caffeine and placebo (aspartame) prior to each time trial. All time trials will be completed at the Saint Louis University Medical Center Track. A screening interview will also be required.

Those interested in participating should contact Meredith Young by email at mkarabi1@slu.edu.

IRB approval No. 21533

Meredith Young